Knowing what kind of property to invest in, in what location, what financing product mix and by how much should they be geared are fundamental to property investments. Quality decision making is the key to efficient property business performance, these include:
  • Returns on Capital Invested or Yields?
  • Property Financing & the mix of finance products?
  • Capital value appreciation?
  • Liquidity & Liquidity generating ability?
  • Business continuity.
Our consultants are experienced property professionals who will help provide you the reports that will guide your decisions. The review will take the form of:
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Capital budgeting/ investment appraisals
  3. Property yield appraisals
  4. Business planning & budgeting
  5. Cash flow modeling
  6. Profitability calculations
  7. Liquidity planning and project financing modelling
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